Affordable Housing

Morgan Hill’s commitment to affordable housing is a cornerstone of the community and RDA is at the center of this important goal. The city’s award-winning affordable housing program provides creative and innovative ways for residents to purchase or rent homes. Two past programs include “Depot Commons Co-Housing,” a shared rental housing development with support services for families in need, and “Sweat Equity” homes, where buyers helped build their own homes in exchange for credits toward the down payments. A more recent project, a 10-unit townhouse development called Viale, targeted Morgan Hill’s own teachers, providing an affordable way to purchase homes where they work. In addition to ownership, attractive, high quality and affordable rental opportunities are a vital part of the mix. Many RDA-assisted rental developments now stand instead of blighted and dilapidated rental units. RDA has brought the community’s vision to life, with a comprehensive approach that touches everyone.

Redevelopment Agency Assisted Projects (AB987)

In accordance with the requirements of AB987, passed by the California State Legislature, California redevelopment agencies are required to maintain and publish a database of affordable/restricted housing units. Please follow these links to view the database for both owner occupied and rental units. This database is updated annually.

Click to view PDFPublic Database of Affordable Ownership Units

Click to view PDFPublic Database of Affordable Rental Units


For a list of City housing projects, click here